Andrew Callaghan


Andrew Thomas Callaghan Andrew Thomas Callaghan

Andrew Callaghan is a content creator, journalist, and filmmaker best known for incorporating his unique style of storytelling into his visual work. Andrew's passion for exploring new avenues while also giving a voice to the unheard has been a large driving force behind his career.

After completing his Journalism degree from Loyola University, Andrew embarked on a journey that would allow him to grow and find his own style to incorporate into his work. With his camera in hand, he delved into unconventional subcultures capturing the essence of the subjects he was filming. Through immersive reporting and storytelling, his work allowed viewers to understand and empathize with the stories he presented.

Andrew's most recent work is his documentary "This Place Rules." Released in 2022 on HBO. This film took audiences on an unforgettable cinematic journey into a world rarely seen on screen. Through his unique lens, Andrew shed light on the intricate nuances of the lives, stories, and experiences that define this captivating world.

Follow Andrew as he continues to push boundaries, challenge narratives, and uncover the extraordinary in the unknown and get a glimpse into his life as he brings unheard voices to the forefront.